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Academy Learning

Attention Vice-Chancellors, Professors and Lecturers:

Supercharge undergraduates with the knowledge and skills they need before the start of term

Bridging courses for University entry address learning gaps and support progression to Higher Education

Boost Connections with Schools

UBridge builds world-class flexible bridging courses

  • Relevant to and supportive of a chosen course of study
  • Prepare students with the skills needed to succeed
  • Gap-learning
  • Remediation learning
  • Ensure all students are at the same start point

Off the Shelf or Bespoke Micro-Lessons in Your Choice of Subjects

Philosophy Course


Ethics Course


Religious Studies Course

Religious Studies

Theology Course


General Knowledge Course

General Knowledge

Distance Education

What UBridge Does

Identifies Learning Gaps

Identifies gaps in knowledge

Pinpoints and addresses misconceptions

Delivers a personalised Experience

Personalises content, questions and pathways for every learner

Curriculum or customised content aimed at ambitious students

All content is developed by Academy Learning’s team of scholars, working in partnership with schools and universities. Core content is aligned with UK A level specifications. You may choose from readily available bridging courses, or request a bespoke solution for your students.

Your options:

A. Super-charge. Provide students with 3 weeks of prescribed preparatory study from the units available.

B. Knowledge-boost. Provide students with a choice of units to create individualised learning programmes.

C. Customised learning. Combine compulsory core units with an optional group, which may include material of your own. Decide the rules of combination and credits required to complete.

All courses include a FREE general knowledge platform where students enjoy testing their acquired knowledge. Departments get an overview of performance and engagement, on a student, cohort or subject level.

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